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We are champions

Being a champion doesn’t always mean there’s a shiny dangling medal to pin up, or a trophy to display proudly upon a shelf. It occurs to me there are many events in our lives within which we are champions.

Perhaps you’ve overcome an illness. Maybe you mustered up some bravery to do a thing. Perhaps you took a flashlight into a darkness and discovered a luxurious something that was hidden from view.

I feel like a champion today, simply because I’m giving myself freedom – unobscured time to write, to nap, to do whatever my heart wanders and yearns to do from moment to moment. I seized the moment(s)! I’m a champion.

What are your champion moments – right here, right now?

Topic-less writing

She secretly crept into her blogging space, full of ideas and full of wonder about her pending time off. Her agenda exploded far beyond the number of hours in a day. She felt overwhelmed and excited, all at the same time.

She stepped into her blog and gave herself permission to write – write her thoughts, write her fears, write her imaginings.

“Is it okay to write, topic-less?” she wondered.

“That large dragonfly intrigued me this morning.”

“I wonder what my parents thought about their lives when they turned 50? Were they resolute with where they were in their lives? What were their yearnings? What were their satisfactions?”

Having lunch with succulent friends helps me to remember the importance of connections with others in this world.

Any rambling thoughts you’d like to add?



I see you…

Sometimes it is the simplest things that can be the best teachers. The other day, I found myself busily walking in and out of several buildings. In a rush to make my next appointment, I was walking out of a glass door. I was focused on watching my step so as not to trip across a threshold. As I began to push the door open, I looked up and suddenly my heart began to beat faster as I glanced up and sensed that I was about to run into someone. read more…

The whole picture

I have a friend who made a comment to me the other day that got me thinking. I was saying how I’m intentionally changing my priorities about my career/work life, and that my personal time and life was going to take a higher priority. She replied that my age was showing. read more…

Pause — and spiritual healing

Can we think for a moment about spiritual healing? What are some things you do to help promote your own or others’ spiritual healing? When do you feel like you need to give yourself time for spiritual healing?

Isn’t it interesting how linear we can be in thinking about healing? Healing sometimes takes more linear time to occur, especially as it applies to physical healing. In thinking about spiritual healing, however, it perhaps can occur in multiple planes or tiers without such a linear constraint. An interesting point to ponder, present point aside.

When I experience negativity in my life, that is when I most feel as though my spirit needs time for healing. Perhaps I feel angry about a thing, or I feel unappreciated, or maybe I’m having trouble finding joy in my life for some reason. There are about as many ways for negativity to appear in life as there are breaths for us to take.

Giving myself deliberate time to think about things I’m glad about, moments to realize reasons to love myself, giving myself space from other people, giving myself moments to listen to music; these are all ways that I create space for my “spirit” to heal.

I think one thing I neglect sometimes that helps to keep my spirit will is time to be still, to pause, to breathe, to give my heart and mind time to pause and roam freely – in a loving, caring environment. Even if only for a moment; in the spirit of one step at a time, remember to give yourself moments to pause. Stop for air, for stillness. Give yourself a moment to have roaming thoughts and/or time to re-center.

Your spirit deserves you. Your life is worth being present for. I send you spirit-healing moments.

Some thoughts on healing…

I’ve been participating with SARK’s Juicy Journaling 2 course, and I’ve come to some interesting realizationsa bout healing I thought I would share here. read more…

I wonder…

I wonder how different life would be if all the “souls” in the corporate world were to be successful enough to live their dreams? How different would the corporate world be? How many people today are working in a job they have so they can “pay the bills”? And, of those people, how many of them are doing what their hearts’ desire?

I know I’m in a job I enjoy, but it is not my heart’s desire. There are qualities about my job that are rewarding and can even be fulfilling at times, but are these the activities that make my heart sing and dance? Well? No. Not really.

While there are aspects about my job that are in alignment with me wanting to touch lives, to contribute to a greater good, to help others, and those aspects bring some form of joy, being a project manager is not the thing that makes my heart sing and dance.

Perhaps being a project manager has afforded me the opportunity to develop a skill that might be useful in propelling me into something that truly makes my heart sing and dance. Who is to say what wonders I might participate in if I were to utilize my project management skills to be the writer/creative I long and love to be?

Now, I am just one of how many? If all the people in the world were to follow their hearts, live comfortably, have the level of affluence one desires, and do/be their hearts’ desires, what would the corporate world look like? How different would it have to be?

Nature lessons

And so it is that the oppressive Summer heat really did give way to the inviting coolness of Autumn. And so it is that the long days of drought actually met with the relief of Autumn rains, and the patient earth began to heal. read more…

Camp thoughts

An excerpt from a letter I wrote while camping…

I’m sitting here in the middle of Camp Doris at the Wichita Mountain wildlife Refuge (in Oklahoma) and wanted to share some thoughts. read more…

In Visible Steps

Upon enjoying a spot of snow in a place where snow rarely happens, I observed traces of footprints come an gone. No sign of life, other than the obvious mark in visible steps upon the neat layer of snow upon the sleeping grass. I got to thinking a bit about how many visible and invisible foot prints have come and gone through my life experiences. read more…